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Book FanCarroting Award

March 8, 2016 15 comments

I’ve been tagged by the French book blogger Bookmaniac for this little Book FanCarroting Award invented by another blogger, Le Roi Carotte. I thought the questions were intriguing, so, here we go…

Which book would you like to see re-written by your favourite writer?

I’m going to answer a bit differently. I wish Philip Roth wrote the sequel to White Dog by Romain Gary. It would be a heck of a book.

What release do you wait impatiently?

New translations of classic Noir like Chandler, Himes…The old translations are incomplete, full of outdated slang and they really don’t do justice to the original. I’ve written about this here.

If you had a less-than-15-words sentence to say to your favourite writer, what would be?

If Romain Gary were alive and in front of me, I’d say “You changed my life”.

To what places described in a book would you like to go?

Almost all the books I love make me want to visit the places they describe unless they’re awful places, like a concentration camp, a hellish jungle or that village in Herta Müller’s book. Well you get the drift. Yes, I’ve been to places solely or partly because of books. Budapest. London. Vienna. Dublin. New York and other places in the USA. To Proust’s Cabourg. To Hardy’s Dorchester. To Shakespeare’s Elsinor. I want to go to the Lake District. To Stratford-Upon-Avon. To Cornwall. To the Hamptons. To Jim Harrison’s Michigan and Upper Peninsula. To Craig Johnson’s Wyoming. To Didion’s Sacramento. To Boston. To New Orleans. I want to go to Awad’s Lebanon. To Louise Penny’s Québec. To Cicero’s Sicily. To Mahfouz’s Cairo. To Moscow and St Petersburg. To Gary’s Vilnius. And to Melbourne to meet Lisa…

The list is endless due to my bottomless curiosity. Some of these visits are filed under the category Literary Escapades.

Please describe your literary paradise.

It would be a world where I have Hermione’s wonderful clock that allows you to relive your day. First I’d go to work and take care of my family. Then I’d rewind the clock and start by reading and blogging day. This second day would be spent in my fantastic library in a Haussmanian appartment with high ceilings, wooden floors and mouldings. Bookshelfs everywhere, a ladder to get the books on the top shelves. A big fire place, comfortable armchairs and a samovar. *swoon*

Then I’m supposed to tag three other bloggers. Instead of doing that, I’ll point out to Bookmaniac a blogger with similar tastes, Tony from Tony’s Reading List and that would be for his love of Japanese literature.



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