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Happy New Year from France!

January 1, 2016 32 comments

 mafalda_monde2015 is over and it started and ended with terrorist attacks in Paris. It gave us the opportunity to see how united we can be around our core values, with the massive and peaceful march in January and all the gestures towards the Parisians last November. I hope it will be enough. Sometimes I really wonder about the world we live in. I hear racist and anti-Muslim comments around me from people I’d never expect to badmouth other French citizen for the colour of their skin or the curls in their hair; the last elections left a bad taste in my mouth. I wonder where we’re headed and I’m a bit worried. I hope that fear won’t get the better of us in the long term. The billets I published about these events are the ones that got the most comments and likes, thanks for the support. Let’s be optimistic and say that in 2016, the most commented billet will be about a book.

2015 was also the #TBR20 challenge year. What do I make of it? I’m rather proud I finished it but it really feels like I’ve been on one of these unhealthy diets where you only eat pineapples for weeks. Now I’m on the edge of a book buying binge and I’m not sure I learnt moderation. For 2016, I plan on reading at least one or two books per month which are already on my TBR. And I’ll try to read the new ones not long after I bought them.

Thanks to all the readers, commenters, passers-by and likers (does that even exist?) of Book Around The Corner. I am truly grateful for the time you give me. We all have busy lives. One thing I regret most is not having enough time to explore other blogs and I wish I could follow properly a lot more blogs than I actually do. The trouble is I need to be in front of a computer to read and comment because I always end up needing the dictionary at some point. And the more it goes, the harder it gets to start a computer at home after a day in front of one in the office. I’ll try to do better in 2016.

I hope you’ve had, you’re having or you will have a fantastic New Year’s Eve. I wish you the best for 2016, health, love, money, a lot of laughter and of course lots of wonderful books.


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