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Recommendations from Quebec

December 20, 2014 26 comments

Flag_of_Quebec.svgThis post is more a post-it than a billet. A friend from Quebec sent me a few recommendations about Quebec literature and I decided to store the information in a blog post and share it with you. I haven’t checked if these books are translated into English. I’m not proud to report I’ve never read a book written by an author from Québec or even set in Québec.

Nelly Arcan ( (1973-2009)

  • Putain
  • Folle
  • Paradis, clef en main

Marie Uguay (1955 – 1981)

  • Poèmes
  • Journal

Michel Tremblay (1942-)

  • Les Belles Sœurs (theatre)
  • Un ange cornu avec des ailes de tôle. (novel)

Pierre Falardeau

Louis Caron (1942-) especially the trilogy Les Fils de la liberté :

  • Le canard de bois
  • La corne de brume
  • Le coup de point.

Gabrielle Roy (1909 – 1983)

  • Bonheur d’Occasion (The Tin Flute)

Anne Hébert. (1916 – 2000)

  • Kamouraska
  • Les Fous de Bassan.

Yves Beauchemin. (1941)

  • Le Matou

English-speaking writers

Margaret Atwood (

I knew about her but I’ve never read anything by her. Recommendations are welcome.

Anne Michaels:

  • Fugitive Pieces.

Have you read any of these writers? If yes, what did you read and how was it?

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