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Humbook Christmas Gifts: the participants.

December 1, 2012 21 comments

Hello everyone,

HumbookThat’s it, we’re December 1st and it’s the day Guy and I sum up the participants to our Humbook Christmas Gift Event. Check Guy’s introductory post here and mine here. As promised in these billets, here are the participants:

Himadri from The Argumentative Old Git and Brian from Babbling Books will play together. Himadri’s blog is full of thoughtful entries about Russian literature, British classics along with argumented and thought-provoking rants. Brian has eclectic tastes in literature and is highly interested in history. Have a look at their blogs to discover them if you don’t know them already.

Lisa from ANZ LitLovers decided to choose Tony from Tony’s Reading List as her copinaute. Tony agreed to reciprocate so we’ll see what they selected for each other. Lisa’s blog is a gold mine regarding literature from Australia and New Zealand. Despite his love for Trollope and other Victorian writers, Tony reads many non-Anglophone books, either in translation or in the original when they’re in French or in German. He’s also very fond of Japanese literature and will host the event January In Japan. Read more about it on Tony’s blog dedicated to this event, January in Japan.

I’m thrilled that Brian, Himadri, Tony and Lisa decided to participate. Brian will pick two books for Himadri and verse-versa and Lisa will select two for Tony and verse-versa. Guy and I will choose one book for each participant. I will also choose two books for Guy, I have a lot of ideas and my problem now is to narrow the list down to two books.

We also wanted to add a guest participant: Tom, from A Common Reader, was very interested in the event but couldn’t name a copinaute. So Guy and I will choose two books for him as well.

The gifts will be given in posts published on December 25th. So, pay attention to the activity on our six blogs that day. If anyone wants to come aboard now, let me know in the comments.

I hope Himadri, Brian, Lisa and Tony will have a lot of fun discovering the gifts and reading the books and that Tom won’t mind that we picked him as a Christmas guest.

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