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Christmas? Bah! Humbook, they say

November 15, 2012 34 comments

Before starting this entry, let me introduce you to the word copinaute. It’s made of the word copain/copine (friend) and internaute (Internet surfer) Yes, we have a very nice French word for this, based on cosmonaute, which gives to internaute a nice feeling of a high-tech wandering into a structured void. So copinautes are friends who know each other through the Internet. Don’t look for it in the dictionary; it’s not in there…yet. I find this word lovely and very appropriate to our little book blogging community. Most of the time, we’ve never met and yet, a bond exists.

Last Christmas, Guy and I exchanged virtual Christmas gifts; I chose four books for him  and he chose four for me in return. I love surprises, I was quite excited to discover the books he had selected for me and I had a great time reading them afterwards.

This year, we would like to share this enchanting experience with others and organize the

Humbook Christmas Gift.

Here are the rules:

  • Choose the copinaute you will give books to,
  • Leave a comment saying you’re in and giving the name of your copinaute,
  • On December 1st, inscriptions will be closed and Guy and I will publish the official list of participants and copinautes with links to their respective blogs, 
  • On December 25th, publish a post in which you reveal to your copinaute the two books you have selected for them. 
  • In 2013, each copinaute reads the books and reviews them.

In addition, Guy and I will choose one book for each participant and give our virtual books on Christmas Day as well.

For practical reasons, each participant/copinaute shall purchase the books they receive and not the books they give. So, in your choice of book, don’t forget to make sure it is available at a reasonable price and in the right language for the copinaute you elected.

Now that you’ve read this, I guess you have some questions, like:

What if I receive more than two books, in other words, several participants decided to choose me as their copinaute?

I suggest that you read at least one book per participant.

What if the copinaute has already read the book before?

That’s a risk we’re taking if we want it to be a real surprise and not give away the book titles before Christmas. It’s like in real life; you can give someone a book they’ve already read. Of course, if you go for the obvious –like offering a Zola to Guy or a Romain Gary to me – the odds are high that your copinaute will have read the books…Good sense should prevail. And perhaps you can give another book instead; after all, no one has spent money on it.

What if the copinaute doesn’t feel like reading the books they were given?

If you’re both a participant and a copinaute, I suggest you try them anyway, that’s part of the game and who knows, you might have an agreeable surprise. And of course, no Humbook Police will check out that you’ve read them.

If the copinaute isn’t a participant, well, it’s like real-life Christmas presents: there’s no guarantee the book will be read.

How long does the copinaute have to read the books?

It would be nice to read the books before June 2013. But once again, no Humbook Police will give them a ticket if they don’t.

And from now on… Check on Guy’s blog for his introduction post to our event. I do hope you are tempted to join us. The more, the merrier, which is apt for a Christmas event, isn’t it?

Looking forward to hearing from you in the comment section.

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