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Sorry, I’m late

June 21, 2012 16 comments

I was supposed to post a billet about Norwegian Wood today, following the schedule of our book club meetings. Work has been a bit hectic these last weeks; I’m too tired to read Murakami at night. The weekends have been busy and the truth is I haven’t finished the book. I don’t think anyone woke up this morning thinking “I’m looking forward to reading Emma’s billet on Murakami today” so I should let myself off the hook. Who cares? Unfortunately, meeting deadlines is part of my cultural and professional DNA. So I’m uncomfortable with it and I can’t help it, no matter how much rational thinking I put into it.

Anyway. What about Murakami? Hmmm, I might be exhausted but I believe the book would be finished by now if I really liked it. I’m starting to think that Murakami is a literary Depardieu. Excellent but some way he starts writing some Murakami instead of writing books, just as Depardieu plays Depardieu instead of roles now. Do I make sense? We’ll see if I get more thrilled by the second half of the book than I am now.

I hope this billet finds you well and I’ll tell you more about Norwegian Wood by the end of the month.

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