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New page: Reading Proust

October 5, 2011 15 comments

I’m writing so many posts about In Search of Lost Time that I needed a place to find them all. So, I decided to add a new page to the blog; it’s named Reading Proust and you’ll find there all the links to my Proust related posts.

If you want to add links to your own reviews, that would be nice to leave a comment with the links and I’ll be delighted to add them. I’m also interested in Proust related books, if you know good ones. You can also let me know your ideas to improve that page, I’ll be happy to take them into account if I can.  My intention is to make of this page a place to find blog material on Proust because reading In Search of Lost Time is a long term project and I’d love to hear your thoughts about it through reviews.

I hope we’ll gather many links there. Whatever happens, I don’t think I’m losing my time promoting Proust the best way I can.


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