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Book Around The Corner and Wikipedia

September 18, 2011 15 comments

I’m a daily user of Wikipedia, especially for literature as it’s the place where I find original book titles. It’s priceless in order to reconcile French and English titles of books. And sometimes guessing is impossible, like Whatever for Houellebecq’s Extension du domaine de la lutte. Without Wikipedia, I’d get mad or I’d write mistakes.

Honestly, until tonight, I never really wondered who writes articles for Wikipedia. I know it’s a community of writers, that errors are checked and corrected by the group. I took it for granted and never really thought further about it. Now that I’ve discovered that my blog is listed among other literary blogs in the Litblog article, after a solid moment of sheer puzzlement, I really wonder who put me there. Anyway, I’m shallow enough to be proud of it… 🙂 So thanks to the anonymous contributor who added me to the list of examples.

See you as soon as possible for the review of Wide Sargasso Sea, when job applications, resumes, work and family life will leave me enough time to write.

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